Pulses, diverse leguminous crops distinguished by their varied sizes, shapes, and colors, serve as essential high-protein and high-oil sources for both human and animal consumption. Beyond their nutritional value, pulses contribute to nitrogen fixation, playing a crucial role in restoring soil fertility. With protein content surpassing most cereals and rivaling soybeans, pulses undergo extensive processing post-harvest to produce clear grains suitable for human consumption. However, before these nutrient-packed pulses reach the tables, an intricate processing journey unfolds.

Pulse processing machines are essential in converting raw pulses into consumable products. The first stage involves cleaning, in which impurities are removed using sieving and air classifiers. Dehulling machines then remove the outer layers, increasing the nutritional value. The pulses are then split into cotyledons, which increases the protein content. Precision sorting machines remove any remaining impurities based on size and color. Finally, milling machines grind pulses into various forms such as flour or dal. These machines ensure efficiency and consistency throughout the process, resulting in the production of high-quality pulse-based products for a variety of culinary and nutritional applications.

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