We give particular attention to the choice of the right technology and scale of operation, for it is that which will determine the ultimate profitability of the venture.


Project Design

Once the scale of the project is established and the technology chosen, our team of experienced, skilled design engineers can go to work.

Equipment Manufacturing

Equipment Manufacturing

Graduate chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers ensure all equipment is sized and correct for its duty. Their attention to detail ensures that fully integrated plants will deliver their guaranteed performance.


Installation & Debugging

We can offer onsite installation and debugging by providing an experienced erection supervisor. Our engineers have erected plants all over the world and we will bring the plant to full performance before handover.

After Service

After Service

Just to ensure that your team has no problem maintaining the constant operation of the plant we are always available for assistance


Business Extension Ideas

According to customer different needs, we also can help you to extend the project, striving to help you develop a vast market and profitable business opportunity.

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