Premier Make in India Solution for Automatic Moisture Control System for Grain Processing

Flour mill owners understand the critical role of consistent moisture content in grain processing. It directly impacts the grinding process, flour quality, and ultimately, the finished product. However, manually controlling moisture content can be difficult. Are you one of a professional atta flour mill manufacturers wanting to boost efficiency? Our innovative moisture control machinery is intended to save you time and effort. With our dependable technologies, you can improve your production process while ensuring consistent quality. Invest in the best to gain greater results from your milling operations. 

In the flour milling industry, consistent grain moisture is essential for efficient grinding, high-quality flour production, and ultimately, profitability. However, traditionally, determining the amount of water needed for the process relies on manual calculations by operators, which can be prone to errors and lead to negative consequences.

Imagine the frustration of dealing with inconsistent flour quality caused by human error in moisture calculation. Hence, for better moisture control, one should install our flour making machines. Inconsistent moisture in processed grains creates a cascade of problems, impacting them as follows:

Poor Output Quality: Improper moisture content in grain can lead to brittleness or grinding difficulties. This negatively impacts the final product’s texture and consistency (flour, semolina, etc.), potentially causing significant financial losses for your business.

Damaged Reputation: In this competitive milling industry, making products that aren’t always the same hurts your business. Word gets around fast. Reliable quality is key – and mill owners rely on dependable results. Fix this, or your reputation suffers.

Flourtech’s Automatic Moisture Controller rice flour mill machine more commonly known as MOISMEE (Brand Name) is an automatic system for controlling moisture designed for flour milling. It ensures consistent moisture levels, resulting in a high-quality product every time.

Designed for Efficiency and Minimal Downtime

Moismee employs cutting-edge technology to automatically measure the initial moisture content of your grain. This real-time data is then used to precisely determine the exact amount of water needed to achieve your target moisture level. The system seamlessly integrates a water metering system and a water actuator, which regulates water flow based on the system’s calculations. This ensures the perfect amount of moisture is added, every single time.

Microwave Moisture Measurement Technology: Moismee leverages cutting-edge microwave technology for accurate and non-destructive moisture measurement.

Flow Balancer (Automatic Load Monitoring): This innovative feature automatically calculates the load of grain passing through the system, ensuring precise water addition regardless of processing volume. This eliminates inconsistencies that can occur with fluctuating production loads.

Low Maintenance: Moismee boasts a user-friendly design that requires minimal operator intervention. The intuitive controls allow for easy monitoring and adjustment.

Versatility for Different Processing Needs: While Moismee excels in flour milling, its applications extend beyond. It’s ideal for any grain processing mill that requires water addition.

Designed for minimal intervention, Moismee’s user-friendly controls and automationfeatures like a “water actuator” reduce reliance on skilled operators, freeing them for critical tasks. It also automates grain moisture control, guaranteeing consistent quality for flour production, all while technicians can remotely troubleshoot from anywhere via its built-in monitoring system, thus minimizing downtime. This ‘Ultimately results in a strong return on investment (ROI) for mill owners. Flourtech’s two-year warranty provides peace of mind, solidifying Moismee’s position as a leading solution in the market, with over 22 units already sold across India and Africa.

 Moismee, proudly manufactured in India, aligns with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ visionBy choosing Moismee, you invest in your success while supporting #AatmaNirbharBharat. Unlike foreign alternatives, Moismee offers faster delivery, installation, and readily available spare parts, minimizing downtime. This commitment to domestic production translates into several advantages – faster service, easy maintenance, and supporting Indian innovation.

Consider Flourtech for a free consultation and Moismee demo to see how this revolutionary technology can transform your business. Visit for details.

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